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uiero viajar contigo a uno de mis lugares favoritos en el mundo. Su gente, música, comida, tradiciones, historia y maravillas naturales hacen, de cada visita a Latinoamérica, una experiencia fantástica. Siempre quedo asombrado por las interminables oportunidades para la aventura.
Si has empezado a aprender Español, el idioma común de los Latinos, entonces este viaje es perfecto para ti. Ven conmigo y te mostraré qué buscar en algunos de los lugares más emocionantes de la región. En el camino mejoraremos tu conocimiento del idioma. También veremos como varían los dialectos y el vocabulario de lugar en lugar. Te garantizo que te sentirás como un viajero experto sin necesidad de dejar tu asiento. Pero claro, espero que después de oír estos capítulos, ¡podrás salir a ver por ti mismo!

Do you think your Spanish is not good enough yet to enjoy an audio book? Well, think again. This is not the kind of book you think it is. It's made exactly for people like you! Start listening to any of the book chapters and follow the transcript, and you'll see what I mean. You are about to discover something very important about yourself:

You already know more Spanish than you think!

All material is presented in simplified Spanish and narrated at a slow pace so you can take the time to understand all words and phrases. This audio book started as Explorando Latinoamérica, a part of News In Slow Spanish, and now we've collected all episodes on this site. Even if you just started learning the language, this will be a great source of Spanish vocabulary, Spanish grammar forms, and Spanish pronunciation. Spend some time learning about new and fascinating places and customs, while dramatically improving your Spanish comprehension skills!

Speaker ImageMy name is Renzo Ampuero, and I created this audio book as a tool for students of Spanish. As a teacher of the language I know how valuable listening can be for my students. I also know that content that is easy to understand and listen to can be rare. As a proud Latin American, I was quickly drawn in to this project and was thrilled to share these stories with everyone. I learned so many new things about where I come from and even my own language.

Other than traveling, my great passion and, in fact, my profession is theater. As an actor, I have had the privilege to travel to amazing places and work with great people, sometimes well outside of my comfort zone in English or Spanish!